Vietnam War & JFK

John F. Kennedy supported a domestic policy known as the New Frontier(1). He was a firm beliver in containing communism, and felt that if South vietnam fell to communism, so would other countries.

Some acts of Kennedy included:

  • Increasing the size of the South Vietnamese Army by 20,000 men
  • The Strategic Hamlet plan, which was seen as a fail for Kennedy
  • Ordered the invasion of Cuba, known as the Bay of Pigs, which was also a failure
  • led a counterinsurgency against South Vietnam

Domino Effect

JFK was a firm believer in what was known as the domino effect(2).  He believed that as soon as one country fell to communism, others would as well.  This was his motivation in getting involved in Vietnamese affairs.

Bay of Pigs

This invasion was an attempt by the United States to overthrow Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba.  The goal of this invasion was to stop the spread of communism.  However,  the invasion, which was handled by the CIA, was stopped by Castro’s army and seen as a huge failure and embrassment to the Kennedy administration(3).

Strategic Hamlet Program

This program was introduced in 1962.  This program relocated peasants of Vietnam into areas of control under the South Vietnamese army(4). The reason for this was that Kennedy was worried about the influence that the National Liberation Front was having on the peasants. However, this plan angered the peasants, who had to give up many of their fields, leave family, and abandon their traditions and rituals.

Assassination of JFK

John F. Kennedy was murdered on Novermber 22, 1963 while riding in the back of a car through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Txas.  He was shot in the neck and head.  It was concluded by the Warren Commission that the bullet enterd through the back of his head.  However, footage from the Zapruder film clearly shows that he was shot from the front, due to the fact that his head went backwards after the shot.  This topic has been highly debated over the years, and there is still no compromise that has been reached about how he was shot.  One theory about how JFK was shot is demonstrated through the Single Bullet theory.  This theory states that both JFK and Governor Connally were shot by the same bullet.  According the the Warren commission, the bullet entered through the back of  JFK’s neck and exited through his throat.  The bullet then struck the governor in the upper right of his back.  Lee Harvey Oswald was the man accussed of killing JFK. Oswald was later killed by Jack Ruby.

 This is slide 308 from the Zapruder film, after Kennedy was shot.

this is a diagram of the single bullet theory.

My Perspective

There is a lot of controversy on the John F. Kennedy assassination. There are many the different theories on why he Kennedy was assassinated. Through evidence, it is said that Lee Oswald killed Kennedy. They found the rifle that had Oswald’s handprints on it. But there are many questions to if Oswald was guilty or not. Did he work alone? When Kennedy was rushed to the hospital, doctors believed that Kennedy was shot from the front, but if Oswald was guilty, through video footage, he would have been only able to shoot Kennedy from the back. People also argue for Oswald saying, how could Oswald himself shoot 3 bullets within 6 seconds?  I believe that there was more than one person involved in the assassination of JFK. I think there was a group of people (rogue government) that made a plan. They sent Oswald out to do the dirty work. Then they sent out someone else out to shoot Oswald. This was the easiest way to clean up their tracks. The reason I believe that JFK was assassinated was because JFK just wanted to stop the spread of communism, but part of the government wanted to do more than stop the spread of communism. JFK was in their way of accomplishing whatever they wanted to accomplish so they killed him.


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