Agent Orange Pictures

 Agent Orange could be sprayed from planes and helicoptors.  In this photo, a man on the right is spraying a field from inside a helicoptor.

This photo shows agent orange being sprayed from U.S. planes. 

These photos show the physical damage that agent orange can cause:

Vietnamese man born with deformed face as a result of prenatal exposure to Agent Orange.

Nguyen Thi Kieu Nhung sits inside her family home next to the Danang airbase in Danang. The girl was born with physical deformities, including twisted limbs, a misshapen head, and protruding eyes.

Thirteen-year-old Tran Minh Anh, left, who was born in Long An Province and suffers from a disease called X-linked ichthyosis, is tied down to a bed to protect from hurting himself at the ‘Peace Village’ of Tu Du hospital in Ho Chi Minh City (4).

Nguyen Xuan Minh, age 6 has protruding eyes from the effect of agent orange (4).

A girl born without eyes sits in a cot at the Peace Village at Tu Du hospital in Ho Chi Minh City (4).

Trien Meng Hiep is 9 years old. From the affet of agent orange, has twisted limbs (4).

A Vietnamese girl with no arms reads using her feet to hold a book (4).

Le Thi Hoa, 14, born stunted with deformed fingers (4).

Stillborn deformed fetuses preserved in formaldehyde at the Tu Du Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City (4).

One of the many sets of Siamese twins born at the Tu Du hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. These boys are seven years old; the one on the right is brain-dead. They were eventually separated (4).

Lien, 8, and her sister, Hein, 6, were both born without lenses in their eyes.
Their father was sprayed when he was a truck driver in the South (4).

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