Map Agent Orange

This map represents the herbicide spray missions in Vietnam. The orange areas represent concentrated spraying areas. As you can see, the III Corps received the heaviest concentrations of spraying, followed by I Corps, II Corps, and IV Corps (9).

Map sourec: (13)

A. , B. , and C., represent known volumes of Agent Orange, White, and Blue sprayed by the U.S. military forces in 1961-1971. Colors in A. , B. , and  C. correspond to volumes as shown in key. Arrows in A and C point to missions in Laos and in the Parrot’s Beak region of Cambodia (14).

The abrupt spraying drop-off at the end of January 1968 corresponds to  the Tet Offenssive wherein the North Vietnamese forces carried out massive, coordinated attacks throughout RVN for nearly 2.5 months. Spray equipment was removed from Ranch Hand aircraft and crew and aircraft participated in airlift operations (14).


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